What you most likely have never heard about Lithuania


Lithuania holds special celebrations in 2018

At the end of the 18th century, Lithuania briefly disappeared from the map of Europe only to come back again in 1918, when we resolutely restored our independence. The centennial celebrations will be held all across the country with a number of festive cultural events. The spectacular Lithuanian Song Festival will be one of the most important events bringing together over 40 thousand dancers and choirs!


Air ballooning leaders

Lithuania is leading the world in air balloon numbers per thousand inhabitants. Vilnius is one of the few European capitals offering a balloon ride over its historic centre and beyond!


One third of the territory of Lithuania is covered by forests

0.5 ha of forest per one inhabitant in Lithuania! The country counts nearly 30 thousand rivers and streams and about 6 thousand lakes. Particularly delicious and clean fresh Lithuanian underground water resources are seven times higher than the national demand.


The Baltic Sea is home to 80 % of the world’s amber

The amber, or otherwise called the Baltic gold, is an integral part of Lithuania’s identity. It has been valued since the ancient times not only for its cultural, aesthetic but also therapeutic features - the Baltic amber is free from heavy metal impurities, therefore, it is particularly good for use in medicine and beauty products. There are about a hundred amber deposits, and the majority of them are in the Baltic Sea.


Best internet connection in the world

There is no such spot in Lithuania devoid of the Internet! Its bulky investments in Internet technologies have put Lithuania among the world leaders offering fast public wireless Internet. In 10 years, the average internet speed in Lithuania has increased 45 times! The broadband Internet network covers the largest part of the territory of Lithuania, reaching the outermost regions.



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